The Examined Life

Dear Reader,

Any craftsperson needs practice. Writing is a craft that is not much different from carpentry, blacksmithing, or even a shoemaker.

Though the Internet can theoretically reach people all across the globe, my audience is myself. This blog is practice. I’m working on my voice, and to gain the efficacy to follow my own (arbitrary) deadlines as a freelancer.

This blog started as a platform for my observations and inferences while studying in Kenya, but it’s now much more. I was in Nairobi from August 2013 to February 2014, but all posts observe daily living and comparing or contrasting norms.

Some topics include: the popularization of gender neutral bathrooms on college campuses, different social perceptions of suicide across cultures, and benign addictions to Duolingo. I may be writing for myself, but I hope to have piqued your interest—even if I get one person to think, that’s incredibly rewarding to me.

Anyway, I won’t ramble much longer. I have more writing available via my contently page, and, as all that work goes through at least one editor, I’m sure it’s way better than what’s on here!


Hey, My Band’s Music.

Any and All Input is Welcomed and Appreciated.

Thank you.


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