New Year, New Writing

It’s been a while, but for good reason. I left to Tanzania a few days after my last post to farm for a week then meet my friends in Zanzibar, who volunteered at a sea turtle sanctuary. However, I had unreliable internet at best during my two week travel to Tanzania, and then I became miserably sick with traveler’s diarrhea exactly when I returned home in Nairobi.

Now that I’m back here in all one piece, and with the power of the internet, I’ve been keeping my mind active during this new year: I submitted my article to Vice Magazine, I resumed my internship by writing an article on the popular radio station of Kibera (Africa’s largest urban slum), and catching up on NPR. There’s been plenty of articles that piqued my interests from a pill that enables perfect-pitch to their current series on expat living, but I’d like to focus on one article, Editing Your Life’s Stories Can Create Happier Endings.

The premise is simple. For at least fifteen minutes for a few days, write about your concerns, anxieties, unhealthy practices, aspirations, and procrastinations. I don’t know about you, but my mind’s a narrator who’s constantly giving commentary. It’s almost like a movie sometimes, where everything stands still while my narrator fills in the gaps. My mind is Edward Norton in Fight Club, just without the fighting.

The article references psychologists from the University of Texas and the University of Virginia, citing this practice helped students raise their grades or help those join social circles with more ease.

For me, writing, wandering, and walking eases my mind. I walk every day, and that’s when I begin to connect the dots. Meanwhile, I’ll write all days that I can, so that the narrator can fill out some pages of observations—hopefully his other half won’t write an anarchist manifesto.



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